What does PG/VG ratio mean?

What does PG/VG ratio mean?


Date: October 5th, 2018

PG and VG are both ingredients in E-Liquids.

E-liquids are the juice that gets turned into vapor in a vape device or e-cigarette.

There are three ingredients in e-liquid. Depending on the mixer, they will appear in varying amounts.

The three ingredients in e-liquid are:

  1. PG (Propylene glycol)
  2. VG (vegetable glycerine)
  3. Flavorings

It’s not uncommon to find a juice that is 10% nicotine. Another 10% will be flavoring. That leaves about 80% for your favorite flavor. The levels of each vary of course, but that’s a good guestimate.

What Does Each Ingredient in E-Liquid Do?

VG is a sweet, thick liquid.If you’ve got a juice that’s pumping out fat clouds of vapor, that’s because of the of the VG. If it has a sweet taste like a Boston cream pie or a bag of Skittles, it is because of this ingredient.

Propylene Glycol (PG) is a thin liquid.Unlike VG, it does not have a taste. However, it does have a very important function. PG creates the “throat hit” that many people look for in a vape experience. It mimics the feeling of traditional smoking. That tends to mean that a heavy-duty vaper, or an ex-smoker will tend to want a little more PG in their vape. However, some people are highly sensitive to this sensation, and prefer a lower level of PG in their juice. There’s no wrong way to do it. It is all about personal preference.

How do I know How Much PG and VG I Want?

The truth is you won’t know what you like until you find it. Start out with an e-liquid that is rate 50/50 for PG and VG. After that, try juices that have more of one or the other. You will be a much smarter shopper after that. You will be able to talk shop like a pro, and find an amazing juice for you to try once you know your own vaping palette.

What Are Some Good 50/50 VG/PG Vapes I can Try?

Here are three suggestions.

    1. Minute Man Vape’s Tangerine on Ice offers you a fruit menthol taste that is rate 50/50 for VG and PG. It has the tart, sweet taste of tangerines which is cooled off by menthol

    1. 13th Floor Salts E-Liquid - Pink Lemonade Ice- Perfect for a summer afternoon, the Pink Lemonade Ice by 13th Floor Salts gives you the great taste of pink lemonade on ice thanks to an artful use of menthol

    1. 13th Floor Salts E-Liquid - Apple Pucker- 13th Floor Salts E-Liquid Apple Pucker vape juice is a new juice with a classic taste. Green apple is one of the most popular candy-style tastes anybody offers.

How do I Get a Heavy Throat Hit From My Vape?

Dial up the PG levels and see what you think. You’ve got many options. You can get as precise as 55/45 VG/PG e-juices.

How do I get a Smoother, Less Throat-Heavy Hit from My Vape?

Do the opposite of what is recommended above. Grab an e-liquid with a 70/30 VG/PG profile. You might want to try an 80/20 e-juice , such as Ise rather than Inari salts.

A Note on Nicotine Levels…

We offer a choice of nicotine levels on many of our vape juices. You can pick your nicotine levels for your vape juice like you’d pick a t-shirt size.

What are Nicotine Salt E-Liquids?

Nicotine salt e-liquids use a special compound to create an experience that many vapers consider superior to other nicotine juices. It offers many advantages over the the original nicotine additives in e-juice. It uses the whole nicotine compound just like in a tobacco leaf. It lets you get a smoother, stronger draw. It also lets you get more vape hits out of the same amount of e-juice.

What Are Some Great Salt Nicotine Juices?

  1. Boho Nic Salt By Boho Vape - Ruby This is a salt nicotine vape inspired by the tropical lifestyle. You will taste happy notes of kiwi, strawberry and apple all swirled into one with this incredible juice.

  2. 13th Floor Salts E-Liquid – Django- This juice is not like some of the other flavors we mentioned. Many vape juices go for a fruity profile, but this one is an enchanting mixture of vanilla, milk, caramel, and classic Kentucky Flue cured tobacco.

  3. Tailored House Salts - Honey Crunch is a lazy, indulgent vanilla ice cream flavor that tastes like honey has been poured all over it, followed by some crumbled up graham crackers.

    Learn More About VG, PG, and Salt Nicotine

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