Squonk Vape Device 101

Squonk Vape Device 101

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Vaping has grown in popularity at an unprecedented rate in the last few years. This at the same time that unconfirmed and ambiguous claims of health risks circulate the content of media outlets. But, whether you stand in support of vaping or against it, the truth is that vape products are a hot item in the market today.

Experienced users know what vaping is all about, including which vape device makes sense for them and their style of use. But, trying new, updated, and improved versions of current mods and atomizers can make all the difference.

In this article, you'll find a deep dive regarding the Squonk vape device, an alternative to common iterations that excites the more advanced users, rather than those now jumping into the scene. Find everything you need by reading ahead.

Vaping Guide: A Look at Mod Differences

The name Squonk refers to the style of mod. As you likely already know, there are four primary types. These are, besides the Squonk, mech, slimline, and box mods.

The purpose of each type is generally identical: provide a source of power to heat material that absorbs, holds, and releases e-liquid in the form of vapor. The structure is where things really change.

Components that differ between mods include tanks, coils, and batteries. Unlike pod systems, mods offer users more control over their vaping experience. This versatility means the initial investment is extremely valuable.

As you change and adjust your vaping style, your mod can tag along with little to no problem. You can swap out different components along the way to refine your desired puff capacity, cloud quantity and density, and flavor.

The Squonk, specifically, stands out the most. Where box mods are essentially a large box-shaped e-cig, they require more tinkering. Mech mods are only mechanical, with a slightly uncomfortable design and are primarily meant for large clouds of vapor.

Slimline mods sacrifice battery capacity for a smaller design. They also have limited adjustable settings and very rarely have removable batteries.

Why Squonk Mods Stand Out

The Squonk isn't as popular as it used to be, which is an interesting finding. It's a seemingly more comfortable approach to vaping than the alternatives. Its idea at inception was to remove the somewhat difficult and time-consuming task of dripping from the top, regularly, to maintain flavor and e-liquid density.

Thus, the idea of plugging a bottle directly into the mod, and under the atomizer, was born. Mixing the bottle, dripper, and battery together resulted in hands-free dripping. This eliminates the need for manual drips between sessions or a few draws.

But wait, there's more! RDA fans that use other mods can understand the frustration of manual dripping, which is why the Squonk's popularity drop is even more perplexing. With the removal of manual top drips, the Squonk does away with the need to carry a bottle of e-liquid around with you.

Additionally, they also make it almost impossible to oversaturate and cause liquid to drip down the sides. Any excess is pulled back safely into the internal bottle.

Vaping Accessories for the Squonk

What do you need, and what's interchangeable? Squonk mods are very limited in customizability. That is, beyond aesthetic design and essential components. You'll need:

  • Squonk mod itself
  • Squonking bottle
  • Bottom feed pin
  • Squonk bottom feed compatible RDA

Users that love to swap out parts and change settings all the time might feel a bit limited here. The aforementioned components are all you get. One example involves the cap on the bottom feed dripper. If it's not clear, you'll struggle to ensure the wicks are properly juiced.

So, you'll probably have to avoid opaque designs for the cap. Additionally, larger vendors sell a very limited stock of Squonk mods, so you won't find much diversity in the market at the moment. For creative designs, you'll have to turn to artisan alternatives.

Finding a bottom feed compatible RDA with an appealing design is also tough. You're limited because manufacturers focus more on selling to top drippers. Most versions compatible with Squonk mods are almost identical.

Finally, the remaining components are internal. So, even if you find unique designs and colors you prefer, you won't see them. However, some offer a chance to tweak performance, to a degree.

Is Squonking for You

Picking a mod always boils down to personal preference. However, some have clear and objective advantages over others. But, is Squonking for you?

Besides its obvious conveniences, you might wonder whether investing in a rather niche part of the vaping market makes sense or not. Your personal preference, as mentioned previously, plays a major role. However, consider the following.

A Squonk mod offers easier access to flavorful draws. It does so without tedious manual dripping while maintaining a portable and easy-to-carry build. But, if you're a vaper that loves to swap out e-liquids, Squonking won't be for you.

Changing the liquid in a tank means removing it from the mod, pouring it into a separate container, and refilling with another. Then you have to wait for the traditional few draws before the new flavor kicks in.

Besides that potential frustration, Squonk mods are quite versatile. They adapt relatively well to any style of vaping. So, whether you prefer long draws with heavy clouds or small puffs with less noticeable vapor exhale, they get the job done.

Squonks Are a Great Vape Device

Squonk mods are a fantastic choice for beginners and advanced users alike. Picking a vape device right now is somewhat difficult considering the variety in the market. But, this mod in particular, can fit all types of users.

Customization is one of the only limitations, but modifications and changes to the vaping experience are easy to implement. Your best bet? Give them a try.

Find a friend that owns a Squonk and give it a try, or get in touch for some additional advice and guidance. Don't fret if they're not for you, as there are plenty of alternatives in the market.

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John S.

Thanks for the great article. For me, squonk mods and bottom feed rda’s are the perfect customizable base. You can choose your own build for your personal vape experience and how much power you prefer with various squonk mods. Also how much juice because different squonk mods have different sizes of bottles. I find that i rarely use a sub ohm tank anymore and even rarer a pod mod because they just can’t compare to the flavor and cloud i get with a good squonk setup.

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