The Lost Vape Paranormal

The Lost Vape Paranormal

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Special Delivery...

We are sure you all have been waiting for our restock of Lost Vape's infamous Paranormal dual 18650 DNA 250C Box Mod. I mean, so have we! Well, we are happy to announce that it's almost time for the restock of this popular device and we will have them back on shelves shortly!


The Keys: Quality and Popularity

Lost Vape is a great company for many reasons. In a previous article written, we talked all about why you should shop with Lost Vape. Here's quick recap on why Lost Vape is so reputable:

  • The quality of their products is always on point.
  • The customer service is immaculate.
  • And their pricing is appropriate for the quality that they provide.

Lost Vape is an extremely popular and sought after brand because of all these reasons. Another thing we love about Lost Vape is how they adapt and adjust to circumstances and take criticism with an open mind. 

Importance of the DNA Chip 

The biggest difference about this box mod is the DNA 250C. This chip set is better mainly because of it's upgraded back lighting and overall chip set functionality in general. Lost Vape clearly went in, took criticism from the original Paranormal box mod and transformed it into this newer and improved model. This has allowed them to put out a superb product. 

The physical appearance of this box mod is another huge hit with Lost Vape fans. The removable panels are made with high quality materials and could be switched out with an included suction cup that latches on the panel and pulls it off of the mod. Then, you just click your desired panel it and it's almost like you've got a whole new mod. We love the versatility of the Paranormal's physical design.

This vape also has one very unique ability. It can actually be used as a power bank. The device comes with a male to female adapter that allows for a USB charger to be plugged in. This quality is often overlooked but could come in handy in a time of need, we all have to agree. Whether you need an emergency phone charge, you're heading out on a long flight, or you just need a spare charger, this is an evident and unique positive! 

Pricing and aesthetic options:

The Paranormal comes with 3 different options as far as physical appearance. 2 of these utilize exchangeable panels that can be swapped out. Gunmetal Red Carbon Fiber and Gunmetal Black Grey Carbon Fiber are the 2 styles that allows for this.


The Paranormal 250C Box Mod is an updated version of the beloved Paranormal by Lost Vape. When this vape originally came out it was a hit within the community. Lost Vape made a crucial decision when they decided to update the chipset in this box mod. We are just happy to have it back in stock, and recommend the Paranormal any day of the week. 

Shop with VaporDNA online, or visit one of our two retail locations in Southern California! If you need assistance making a choice, please feel free to contact us using the contact form and we'd be happy to help! We are excited to have the opportunity to be your one stop shop for all your vaping and electronic cigarette needs.


By: Brittany Hale

Brittany Hale was born and raised in Torrance, CA and has a bachelor’s in Journalism from Hawai’i Pacific University. She has been vaping since 2016 and has loved the vape culture since it has benefitted her in many ways. Her enjoyment inspired her to continue to learn about the ins and outs of the industry. She then pursued her passion for writing by combining it with her enthusiasm for vaping by joining VaporDNA’s content team.

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When might you have more?


When might you have more?

Stephen J Sanseverino

They seem to all be out of stock

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