JUUL Alternatives That Are Just as Good and Cost Less

JUUL Alternatives That Are Just as Good and Cost Less


Date: October 4th, 2018


Guess what, vapers. There are alternatives to the JUUL that get you the same experience, and cost less.

Yes, the JUUL is a great vape. It’s compact, and it delivers that heavy hit that serious vapers and ex-smokers alike are on the hunt for.

There was a brief time when that little thumb-drive-looking vape was in its own league.

Here at VaporDNA, we make it our business to know about the best vape goods in the world. Here are some alternatives to the JUUL that deliver everything that made people love it but at a lower cost.


REMEMBER: The true cost of a vape isn’t just the device. It’s how much it costs to maintain the use of the device.


What to Look for in a JUUL Alternative:

  • Similar compact shape and style
  • Similar one-step use
  • Strong flavor and experience

Vapes that Make the Perfect Alternative to the Juul at a Cheaper Price  


KandyPens Rubi Ultra Portable System: Compact Design, High Quality Taste

  • JUUL Starter Kit: $49.99
  • KandyPens Rubi from VaporDNA: $49.99

But wait…

  • Pack of JUUL Replacement Pods: $15.99 (on its website, but it varies by state.) Expect to spend in the neighborhood of $20.
  • KandyPens Rubi: Refillable 1ml pod with average of $1.66 per ml juice bottle.


  • Juul experience total: $65.98* (with variation by state.)
  • KandyPens Rubi experience total: $51.65.
  • …And those numbers just keep making more sense the more you vape.

Like the JUUL, the KandyPens Rubi Ultra Portable System lets you vape 1ml of salt-based nicotine e-liquids. One of the things that made the JUUL special early on in the game was its use of whole nicotine salt compounds just like those found in tobacco leaves. The KandyPens Rubi features a comparable streamlined design to the JUUL, and a similar user experience. It has an LED battery life indicator that flashes in different colors to let you know where you’re at. White means it is on full charge. Red means the battery is low. It blinks when it is out of power. The Rubi kicks up a big, tasty cloud of vaper using the OCELL ceramic coil tech. It’s lined with Japanese cotton, which sounds kinda artisanal, don’t you think? Basically it’s a great alternative tot he JUUL because it’s an all-in-one piece with great taste and performance.


SMOK Infinix: Beautiful Design Delivers Delicious Clouds


  • JUUL Starter Kit: $49.99
  • SMOK Infinix: $17.99

The SMOK Infinix is a wonderful replacement for the JUUL. It has nearly identical performance and dimensions at a much better price. It’s convenient pod replacement system is similar as well. How do you use it? You put it in your mouth and inhale. The box comes with an instructions manual, but we wont’ be surprised if you don’t eve use it.

This device charges via USBs, which are everywhere. This guarantees minimum downtime and waiting for your vape to be ready.

Check out the replacement pods for the SMOK Infinix, which are more affordable than JUUL’s pods as well.


Suorin Air Ultra Portable System: Portable As A Zippo-Style Lighter


  • JUUL Starter Kit: $49.99
  • Suorin Air: $17.99

Yeah…we don’t even need to do refill costs on this one.

Let’s get into the details.

The Suorin Air Ultra Portable System is a wonderful pocket vape. It’s is similar in style to a Zippo-type lighter. It uses refillable replaceable pods, which gives it a cost advantage on the JUUL that goes beyond the fact that the device is less costly. Like the JUUL, it lets you get MTL hits thanks to its use of salt nic juices and delivers you battery updates via an easy-to-understand LED light. It is just as sleek, convenient, useful and tasty as the JUUL. The Suorin Air will give you a great vape experience all day long. You can also stow it at a moment’s notice because it is so compact.


Aspire Breeze: Easy All-in-One Highly Portable System


  • JUUL Starter Kit: $49.99
  • Aspire Breeze: $21.99

Same refilling logic applies in this case as well.

The Aspire Breeze is a compact device with a powerful battery, and a .6 ohm coil system. This is important because it helps you get a heavy hit similar to what people are looking for when they want a JUUL. This device has a balanced airflow that makes it perfect for vapers who love an even, satisfying draw. It’s compact and perfect for on-the-go vaping. It's refillable pod system is affordable and efficient. It’s super durable as well, which makes it perfect for tossing in your bag for a weekend get-away, or hopping on a bus or train.


Learn More About JUUL Alternatives with Friendly Vape Experts


VaporDNA loves to help people find great bargains on incredible vapes. We know you can get everything people love about the JUUL with less pricey alternatives. If you have any more questions about the vapes above, or want to know about other devices to check out, browse our selection online or email us here.

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