YG Creations VRTX DNA60 Boro Mod

YG Creations

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YG Creations VRTX DNA60 Boro Mod

YG Creations steps up to the plate with their first boro mod offering. The VRTX DNA60 Boro mod is a mix between high quality PA12 3D Printing, and a sleek, comfortable design. Powered by the tried and true Evolve DNA60 Board, and the high build and print quality that YG Creations brings to the table, you cannot go wrong with the VRTX. 

The VRTX also features removable front and side panels so you can customize the look of your device. The front panel houses the oversized fire button as well as the wattage up/down buttons. We also brought in five different panel finishes to match everyone's taste. Not to mention, each YG Creations VRTX comes in a protective hard case to keep your boro mod secure and safe. Scoop one for yourself, and you will see why we decided to bring these devices in!

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