YG Creations Tron Plus Integrated Boro Tip

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YG Creations Tron Plus Integrated Boro Tip 

YG Creations releases their update to the ever popular Tron Integrated, the Tron Plus! Similar in shape to the original Tron, but with more of a refined shape. The new Tron Plus is still a three piece design, but now, they seat more flush onto the base section. The top tip section is a "duck bill" shape for extra comfort when vaping. This tip section has two o-rings that allow it to set into the Tron Plus flush nut. At the base of the this tip section, surrounding the flush nut, is the rectangular base section that has a deep engraving of the Tron logo. Be sure to snag your new Tron Plus from YG Creations today, before they are gone!

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