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W2CK'D is a 22mm RDA that is designed for single coil builds, sporting an adjustable and interchangeable dual sided airflow with a single sided option. The top cap system composed of 2 parts which are the black peek inner cap and the stainless sleeve. The idea whole concept and idea came from our previous RDA's which are the WICK'D and REWICK'D. All metal parts and made out of 316-L stainless steel and insulators/plastic parts are made out of black PEEK material. W2CK'D exterior is fine brushed finish while the exterior are machine finished. All RDA's will be serialized.

DRIP TIP AND BEAUTY RING - The drip tip is a standard 12mm diameter with 6mm height made out of black PEEK, which is ideal to work for both RDL and DL v@%e style. The beauty ring made out of black PEEK has a 24mm OD with a high profile (6.7mm height) and clean look

2-PIECE TOP CAP SYSTEM - W2CK'D RDA will sport a cap system that consist of 2 parts, the top cap (black PEEK material) and the sleeve (316L stainless steel).

  • Black PEEK top - This is the first half of the top cap system. This part is meant to cut down the air hole, insulation and to dissipate heat while using the RDA. Following our design direction in WICK'D, we have included a neck for the 510 drip tip to sit on, with 12mm OD. The inner part has a domed chamber to give a more saturated vape.
  • Sleeve - The second half of the top cap system is made out of fine brushed 316-L stainless steel. It has a male notch which interlock with the deck.

BUILDING DECK DESIGN - Following the design direction we left back in 2019, we have always prioritize the ease of build so we took the REWICK'D concept as our inspiration which is a dual-sided airflow single coil RDA, fine tune the components and put it in the W2CK'D RDA.

The deck structure is designed to be versatile and work really well, giving the end user the convenience of playing with their builds and wicking. Our juice well is spacious enough for the cotton and act as a juice reservoir. There is a female notch on top of the juice well that will interlock with the sleeve to avoid cap. to spin.

The positive post is sitting on black PEEK insulator and both post slits are sporting a revised wire catch design for an easy coil installation. We are also using an M2.5 post screws (Hex) to keep your coils in place. The post orientation works best with clockwise coils. The top portion of both posts are angled as a part of the anti-condensation feature which will be discussed furthermore later on. In general, the build deck is meant to accommodate various coil sizes from simple rounded wires to exotic coil. Cutting the coil leads is also easy because you can remove the airflow block to give more space for the wire clippers. The positive post is slightly elevated from the deck so the BF pin will not suction all the liquid back and will leave a significant amount of juice in the juice well.

AIRFLOW BLOCK DESIGN - As a part of our design direction we left back in 2019 we have incorporated interchangeable airflow block/post design. As opposed with the WICK'D, WICK'T and REWICK'D design, we did not include the "wing" on airflow blocks to give more space for wicking. We still have followed the angled airflow blocks from the Rewick'd which was an original idea of SangWoo Kim back in 2019, as an anti-condensation feature. The airflow block top portion is slanted towards the center is designed to prevent juice condensation build up on top that may cause spit back and/or leak. Easy airflow installation and removal with the dual o-ring post and a notch in the middle. (Prototype has a single o-ring which is going to be revised in the production) The post has a rounded square cutout same with the rest of the 510's to prevent the airflow block from spinning.

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