Skwezed Mix - Watermelon Strawberry - 100ml


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Skwezed Mix - Watermelon Strawberry - 100ml

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Made in the USA

The overwhelmingly sweet taste of juicy watermelon and ripened strawberries is encapsulated in Skwezed’s latest e-juice; an undeniably great combination of the two most arguably sweet & succulent fruits. Once this pair meets and immediately takes over, every sense will be thoroughly stimulated and asking for more! The strawberry taste initially overpowers the senses, giving users a much needed burst of sweet flavor. However, right before fully exhaling, an invigorating boost of watermelon comes in and balances the flavor. Think of Skwezed’s Watermelon & Strawberry e-juice as an authentically delightful taste; an essential to combating heat on days when you need it most.

Also available in ICED Freebase and  ICED SALTS

Available in 3 and 6 milligrams of nicotine.