Skwezed Mix - Watermelon Green Apple - 100ml


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Skwezed Mix - Watermelon Green Apple - 100ml

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Made in the USA

Prepare for an epic showdown when sweet meets sour in Skwezed’s latest e-juice, Watermelon & Green Apple! An explosion of both flavors hits users in waves as they fully inhale; both tastes act as a summer refresher of sorts to assist in staying cool throughout the day. Although green apple is a bit more on the sour side, as soon as the rich watermelon flavor hits, any potential bitterness is subdued. The result of this partially bitter, mostly sweet, combination of the two fruits is an incredibly silky e-juice that flows effortlessly from the first pull to the last. Skwezed’s Watermelon & Green Apple is the fruity epitome of sour meets sweet.

Also available in ICED FREEBASE and ICED SALTS

Available in 3 and 6 milligrams of nicotine.