Skwezed Ice Salts - Banana Ice - 30ml


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Skwezed Ice Salts - Banana Ice - 30ml

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Made in the USA

Looking for a frozen fruit monster with a delicious sweet flavor? Skwezed's scrumptious Banana Ice E-Liquid is a BIG Mood for all the true Banana devotees looking for a little ICED kick to it. It brings wholeness and coolness for a lip-licking taste and an intriguing fruity experience. So, get indulged with the juiciness and go Ice Ice Banana with this super-touted Banana Ice E-Liquid.

Skwezed's flavorsome Banana includes a frigid ice feeling to keep your taste buds alive and chilled for a good time. It’s the ideal banana savory having fruitiness and icy at the tip of your breath so you can inhale and exhale everything nice and ice! Therefore, if you want to get a sweet chilly shiver down to your spine, we recommend you try this juicy Banana Ice E-Liquid for an appetizing adventure.

Also available in ICED Freebase, Freebase, and SALTS

Available in 25 and 50 milligrams of nicotine.