Protocol LVL Modular Integrated Tip for Boro Boxes


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Protocol LVL Modular Integrated Tip for Boro Boxes

Protocol, also known as PRC, is a manufacturer out of Spain, producing high end accessories, atomizers, devices, and components for the Boro market. Known for their impeccable attention to detail and top notch machining, Protocol is at the top of the boro game, when it comes to designing and manufacturing quality Boro products. 

The Protocol LVL Modular Integrated Tip is boro threading compatible and breaks down into four pieces - The base which is boro threaded and has notch cut outs for easy tightening into your boro device. There are also coil slots cut into the top of the base for further tightening. The main sleeve, hides the base giving a clean platform look. The mid section, holds three O-rings. Finally the accent sleeve, which has a very small "PRC" logo, has a unique oval shape that provides a sleek look and a comfortable feel. These components are cross compatible with all LVL integrated tips, and can be mixed to make your own unique look. 

LVL Features:

  • Customizable sleeves and tip sections
  • Multiple colors and materials
  • Boro Threaded for direct connection to your boro device without the use of a flush-nut. 
  • Lock locators for the base which allows you to tighten your tip better. Alternatively, there are coin slots to further tighten your tip if you wish.
Product Includes:
  • 1 x PRC Integrated Core
  • 1 x LVL Base Sleeve
  • 1 x LVL Mid Section
  • 1 x LVL Tip Sleeve
  • 3 x  Black Replacement O-Rings
  • 2 x Clear replacement O-Rings

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