Pendulum Coils M-80 2.7mm Prebuilt Coils

Pendulum Coil

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Pendulum Coils M-80 2.7mm Prebuilt Coils

Made In USA

Pendulum Coils introduces the M-80 2.7mm Prebuilt Coils! These Alien Fused Clapton coils from Pendulum Coils are some of the best performing coils we've tried. With an inside diameter of 2.7mm, these M-80s are the ideal coil choice for your Boro RBA. Simply install the coil, work out hotspots at about 16W, wick slightly loose, and you're ready to have a blast!

Professionally hand built, each coil is tightly wrapped at 2.7mm ready to be installed into your favorite RBA, RDA, RTA, RDTA, or Boro Bridge. Each coil is approximately 5mm in length, with an inside diameter of 2.7mm and an outside diameter of 4.2mm. These coils are capable of producing a large amount of vapor at the mid-wattage range, and produce an amazing amount of flavor from your vape juice. Taste every note from your favorite vape juice! For best performance wick slightly loose and run a single coil at 25 to 45W, and dual coil at 50 to 90W. Sold as a pair.

Note: These coils produce a popping sound which can be very audible depending on your setup and wicking. Always pre-fire your coil before wicking and work out any hotspots using ceramic tipped tweezers. 

Product Specifications:

  • Alien Fused Clapton
    • Dual Core
    • NI80
    • 4.5 Wrap
    • ~0.3 ohm
    • Internal Diameter: 2.7mm
    • Outer Diamater: 4.2mm
    • Length: 5mm