Mechvape x MRJUSTRIGHT Borobar Disposable Boro Tank - 2 Pack


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Mechvape x MRJUSTRIGHT Borobar Disposable Boro Tank - 2 Pack

Mechvape and MRJUSTRIGHT introduce the Borobar, a pre-filled disposable boro tank that can be used in most Boro Box Mods. Each pack comes with two (2) Borobars, and each Bororbar comes prefilled with 7ml of 2% salt nic vape juice. In true MrJustRight1 fashion, the Borobar utilizes a mesh coil system for maximum flavor and vapor delivery. This is NOT a pod or cartridge and does require the flush nut on the mod to be unscrewed and screwed in when replacing the tank, as the tank is an internal component of Boro Box Mods. Boro Box Mod sold separately.

The Borobar Disposable Boro Tank was designed to help minimize the waste of disposables, and to allow Boro Box users a new way to use their Boro Box Mods.

Disposable vape users: Eliminate the constant waste of batteries and electronic components found in each disposable vape by using the Borobars instead. Make a one-time purchase of a Boro Box Mod and battery, and simply replace the tank when needed. Get the same experience you would from a regular disposable, but housed in a real vape mod with enough battery to last you 2-4x longer.

Boro Box Mod users: The Borobar is a good option for a backup tank, a tank for traveling, or simply to use in one of your many Boro Box Mods so that you can stop secretly using disposables. Need to rebuild your bridges, but too tired or lazy, slap a Borobar in and continue to vape until you get around to it.

Pro Tip: Start your wattage around 10W and adjust as needed to achieve the desired hit. The Borobar was designed to hit like a regular disposable vape with a MTL to RDL style draw.

*All flavors are iced a little to enhance the smoothness of the nicotine.