Hussar STE RBA Boro Bridge


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Hussar STE RBA Boro Bridge

Made in Poland

Hussar introduces the STE RBA Boro Bridge, a simplified Boro RBA with Hussar manufacturing quality. The STE features a side-by-side two post build deck with top mounted grub screws, a 4.5mm DL airflow pin, and integrated 510 connection for easy building. Made from 304L stainless steel with PEEK insulator.

The Hussar STE RBA is made specifically for a DL setup out of the box with its large 4.5mm airflow pin, large deck space, and large wick holes. The spacious build deck allows for larger format coils with parallel leads, and the cap provides efficient clearance. The wick holes are angled slightly towards the front and allow for easy wicking.

Product Includes:
  • 1 x Hussar STE RBA