Ghost Bus Club NTSU KGSH Integrated Boro Tip

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Ghost Bus Club NTSU KGSH Integrated Boro Tip

The latest addition from Ghost Bus Club, the KGSH integrated Tip for boro mods. KGSH is short for “Kagoshima”, inspired from the Japanese prefecture where there is an active volcano named Sakurajima.

Featuring a 7mm internal bore for a full DL experience vaping experience. Under the removable tip section, is a  4 “ghost cross” system hidden down in the tip base, which allows you to tighten your base with a coin or tool. The bore of the tip goes all the way down to the bottom of the tip, which helps with condensation build up, making it practically non existent. Grab your KGSH tip today to pair with your favorite boro mod. 

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