Cloud Nurdz Salts E-Liquid - Grape Apple - 30ml

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Cloud Nurdz Salts E-Liquid - Grape Apple - 30ml

Made in the USA

Grape Apple by Cloud Nurdz Salts E-Liquid is the juiciest blend of the line. Grape Apple is joining the Cloud Nurdz Salts E-Liquid collection, and it is making the mouths' of many salivate every single time they take a pull. The apples taste as if they were freshly picked from an orchard. The grapes are also very sweet and they can be pretty potent if you are not ready for them. They taste fresh off the vine, but for some reason, the person gathering these grapes decided to make an e-liquid as opposed to some wine.

Grape Apple will most definitely satisfy your candy craving whenever you want to have a tiny sugar rush. Every time you exhale, you get a warm visit from your cloudy friends that are ready to show you a good time. They grow big, might turn into different shapes, but they also leave an aromatic smell that you wish you can take home and spread it everywhere. Once you are done, you already know that you are going to go for a second hit because the experience with Grape Apple was just too good to only try once. Grape Apple is a delectable e liquid that is ready to try and make everyone a fan of it juicy content.

Available in 25 and 50 milligrams of nicotine.

WARNING: For Pod System and high resistance coil use only! Do NOT use in Sub-Ohm Tanks or high vapor output devices.