BD Vape x Hirano Designs B4e Tycoon 21700 80W Boro Box Mod

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BD Vape x Hirano Designs B4e Tycoon 21700 80W Boro Box Mod

Designed in the USA

*Blackout Edition: The Blackout Edition features a light weight PA12 body with closed back (featuring a traditional Japanese Asanoha pattern), black frame, black button, black solid battery cap, and a 3D printed ABS Carbon Fiber front panel.

BD Vape x Hirano Designs presents the B4e Tycoon 21700 80W Boro Box Mod! The B4e Tycoon is a compact Boro compatible vape mod that runs off a single 21700 battery (sold separately), and is compatible with most Boro Tanks (sold separately)  and BB threaded integrated drip tips. One of the smallest 21700 Regulated Boro Box Mods (if not the smallest), the B4e Tycoon measures in at 80mm by 48mm by 26mm.

A Boro 4 everyone. High-end look and quality with accessibility for all vapers.

Designed by Hirano Designs, the B4e Tycoon was made to offer a quality built Boro Box Mod, with a high-end look and feel, at an affordable price. A stainless steel C-frame is used for a classic high-end appearance and maximum durability. At the top of the mod is a threaded battery cap that comes in both a closed full cap and skeleton cap, both featuring a coin slot for easy installation and removal. The main body is made from aluminum with an exposed battery back, offering reduced weight and maintaining durability. Also included with the B4e Tycoon is a Cannon Integrated Drip Tip with standard BB threading, rather than a basic flush nut; and a clear acrylic front panel for easy viewing of the boro tank.

Features designed by vapers, for vapers.

Manufactured under the Orca Vape umbrella, the B4e Tycoon features a modified version of the chipset found in Orca Vape mods. This 80W chipset features a large 0.975" OLED display, full temperature control suite, stealth mode, and a three button control interface. A large firing button is conveniently positioned in the middle of the face of the mod, and features a firing button shroud to prevent accidental firing of the mod. A two button adjustment panel is located at the bottom of the mod and can be independently locked and unlocked by holding the two buttons at the same time. An additional feature was added to the chipset that allows for a quick settings and battery life check while running the Tycoon in stealth mode. Stealth mode will help preserve battery life, but can often leave the user unaware of their current battery state. Two clicks of the firing button while in stealth mode will temporarily bring the screen live so that the user can view the battery life and current settings.

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Product Includes:
  • 1 x B4e Tycoon Boro Box Mod
  • 1 x Cannon Integrated Drip Tip
  • 1 x Skeleton Battery Cap (Pre-Installed)
  • 1 x Closed Battery Cap

Check out the BD Vape x Hirano Designs B4e Tycoon infographic to help you better understand how it works!

B4e Tycoon Infographic

  • 80mm by 48mm by 26mm
  • 80W Orca Vape Chipset
    • 5W to 80W
      • 1W Increments
    • Bypass Mode
    • Temperature Control
    • Stealth Mode
      • Preserve Battery Life
      • Two Clicks of Power Button To Temporarily View Screen
  • Single 21700 Battery (Sold Separately)
  • Adjustable Height Contact Pin
  • Stainless Steel Frame
  • Aluminum Body
  • Threaded Battery Cap
    • Spring Loaded Positive
  • Clear Acrylic Front Panel
  • Cannon Integrated Drip Tip
    • Standard 1/2-20 UNF BB Threading