Frequently Asked Questions

Online Order and Customer Service - FAQ 

 1. Why are the options grayed out in the drop-down menu? 

The selection you would like may be out of stock. Most items are restocked within 2-3 weeks. Juice is normally restocked within 1-2 weeks. 

 2. Not sure which coils are compatible?


Most listings for tanks and even kits will list the compatible coils and have a link to the listing. If you need further assistance, you can always reach out to us by email or even chat. 

 3. Do you offer any discounts? 

We normally have promotions every weekend. We post about them on all our social media networks the day before. We do offer a MILITARY discount. Please email us for further details. Please know that only one discount can be used per order. 

 4. Having trouble with age verification? 

Reach out to for fast, detailed and accurate information. They will be able to quickly solve any issues you may be having. Please keep in mind that age restrictions are not just based on state, but counties and cities as well. 

5. Do you ship to all 50 states? 

No. Please keep in mind of your state's restrictions. At this time, we are unable to ship to Maine, South Dakota, and Utah. This information is subject to change. 

 6. Do you ship to my country? 

 Please check our billing address drop down menu. If you do not see your country, we are unable to ship directly to you at this time. 

7. Concerned about customs and importation laws? 


We ask that our international customers be aware of their own country’s regulations and importation laws. If you can not select DHL or FedEx to ship to your country, we are unable to use that method to ship there. 

8. Declined Order that charged your account? 

All of our transactions are ran as credit. For any attempted online purchase, your bank may place a hold on the funds. If the order was declined by our system, we have not accepted the funds. Declined transactions are confirmed immediately in our system. However, your bank may still have a pre-authorized hold. It will normally take your bank 1-5 business days to confirm that we have not accepted the funds. 

9. How can I pay for the order? 

We accept Visa, American Express, Discover and Mastercard. You can use a debit card; however, all transactions are run as credit card transactions. 

10. Do you accept PayPal? 

We do not accept PayPal as a form of payment. 


11. Can I use a gift card or pre-paid card? 

Yes. Please note, ALL refunds issued will be to the card used to place the order. This is a no exception rule. Please keep your card in case you need to utilize the return policy. Also, it is best to register the card online so that there is a billing address attached to the card. Registering the card prior to placing an order will help alleviate check out issues. 

12. Can you hold an item for me? 

 Unfortunately, we do not hold items. We also do not offer pre-sale or backorders. 

13. Do you offer drop shipping? 

 We do not offer drop shipping. This is due to multiple factors include our return policy as well as our fraud detection program. 

14. Can you ship to a shipping forwarder? 

Yes, we can. However, this is not something we provide so it will need to be set up prior to placing your order. Please know that once a package has been delivered to the shipping forwarder, it is no longer the responsibility of VaporDNA as many forwarders will open and repackage your purchase. 

 Processing Status: 

1. Why hasn’t my order shipped? 

We do have a processing time of 24-72 hours on all orders. If you have not received an email regarding your order, your order is processing without issue and will ship out as soon as possible. However, most orders are shipped out within 24 hours. 

 2. How can I change something on my order? 

You have a 30-minute window to cancel or change your own order after it is placed. If you cancel your order in this time, the transaction will be voided which means we stopped the transfer of funds before it could be completed. You may see a pending charge on your account, however this is only a temporary hold put in place by your bank. It may take 1-5 business days for the hold to be released by your bank as they need to confirm the funds were not accepted.After 30-minutes, we cannot guarantee changes or cancellation. If you need a change after the 30-minute window, please email us as soon as possible with your order number and the specifics of the changes requested. Changes to the order can extend processing times. Once an order has been sent to our shipping department, we are unable to make changes of any kind.Order has shipped:1. What are business days?Business days are Monday through Friday. All shipping methods are in business days. 

 3. My FedEx package was not delivered Saturday. 

 We do not offer Saturday delivery. All shipping methods are in business days. 

 4. USPS has not updated my tracking. 

USPS sometimes skips a few of their scans or all the scans until it reaches the destination city. Please do not be alarmed. If you have not received your package by the end of your shipping time frame, please let us know. 

5. My international order has not been delivered yet. 

Please keep in mind the delivery time frames and customs clearance processing times. Please contact your country's customs agency. VaporDNA is not responsible for any duties or taxes due at customs. If your package is seized by customs due to your country’s importation laws, VaporDNA will not be held responsible. Please be aware of your own counties importation laws prior to placing orders. 

6. My package may be lost. 

Please reach out to your shipping carrier to file a claim once the package has exceeded its shipping time frame. Once you have filed a claim, you can inform us of this issue with the claim number. 

Order Delivered: 

1. There was something wrong with my order. 

Any erroneous shipping errors must be reported within 48 hours of the last tracking update. This includes incorrect items or package not being delivered. 

2. How can I return something? 

We do have a 45 day return policy. Please email us regarding any issues you may be having. The more detail you can provide, the more expedient the situation can be handled. 

3.Why do you need a photo or video of my defect? 

This is to help us best see and understand the issue you are having. We are also able to speed up parts of the return processing if you have provided us with a video so that we may issue you a refund, replacement or store credit sooner. 

4. Can I return just the part of my kit that is defective? 

No. When an item is found to be defective on a kit, the entire kit needs to be returned. Returning only part of your kit can result in a decline of your return. 

5. I do not want to be without a device during the return process. 

All forms of compensation, whether it be a refund, store credit or replacement are issued once the item has been returned. One option is to purchase a replacement device. Once received you can return the defective item back for a refund or store credit. Please keep in mind, we have a 45 day return policy. Any return needs to be received before this period ends. 

E-Cigarettes & E-Liquids – FAQ 

1. What is an E-Cigarette? 

 E-Cigarettes go by a few names: e-cigs, mods, box mods, vapes, vape devices, vape pens, vaporizers, or portable vaporizer. They are all electronic devices that heat up E-Liquid into a vapor that is inhaled. 

2. What is E-Liquid? 

E-Liquid or e-juice are liquid mixtures of nicotine, flavoring, vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol and other chemicals that are heated up to produce a vapor which is inhaled. Not all e-liquids contain the same chemicals or flavorings. It is important to check with the different manufacturers if you have any known allergies and are concerned about use. 

3. Do all e-liquids contain nicotine? 

No, e-liquids come in different nicotine strengths. Most brands will even offer a 0 mg option. Different manufacturers use different measurements of nicotine, however the most common are 0 mg, 3 mg, 6 mg and 12 mg. If your e-liquid shows a strength of 0.3 mg, 0.6 mg or 1.2 mg these are the same strengths. Some manufacturers prefer to use the more accurate measurement for convenience. 

4. What is salt nic or salt nicotine? 

Salt nic is another form of nicotine used in e-liquids. Salt nicotine e-liquids have a lower alkalinity which gives a different type of throat hit. This is why vaping a 50mg salt nic may be more enjoyable then vaping a 12mg regular nicotine. Salt nic is generally used in the smaller, more portable devices, or any tank with a resistance of 1 ohm or higher. 

5. What are the different types of devices VaporDNA carries? 

 VaporDNA strives to carry a variety of devices to cover any needs you may have. Vape pens will be the easiest to use. They offer the experience of vaping without all the customizations, menus and adjustable features. We sell starter kits, which are devices and tanks that have an ease of use but still offer customizable features like variable wattage. Mods, sold separate from kits, are often times devices that customers like to mix and match together with different tanks or dripping styles tanks. Ultra-portable devices, mainly used with salt nic, are increasing in numbers as well. They are smaller devices that do not offer the different adjustments and settings but offer a strong and portable device that is mostly used with the salt nice liquids. 

6. What is a mechanical mod? 

A mechanical mod is a device that does not have the same built in safety features, electronics or circuitry as other mainstream devices. Mechanical mods contain a lithium ion battery that connects directly to the tank, rda or rta. These are known to produce unregulated power for optimized performance. However, due to the safety concerns, these are not carried by VaporDNA. 

7. What is the difference between a tank, RDA, or RTA? 

Tanks are the most common and easiest to use. They will have specific coils that are sold as replacements. RTA’s are rebuildable tank atomizers. This means it is still a tank style, but the coils you would need to build yourself. Some vapors prefer building themselves, as it allows the ability to get different resistances which can increase or decrease strength. They do not come with a tank; instead, they are a platform that holds a coil which you would drip your e-liquid onto. RDA’s provide the ability to not only build to your preferred resistance but also get a more direct vapor flavor and often times larger cloud production. 


8. Is building your coils, yourself, dangerous? 

 To be able to build your own coils, you do need knowledge on resistances and what your device can handle. Although most devices do have built in safety features, this activity is mostly preferred by highly experiences vapors. 

9. Can my e-cigarette explode? 

There are various causes of e-cigarette explosion that can easily be avoided by following a vape device’s instructions. The most common cause of e-cigarette explosions is mishandling of the device or Lithium Ion battery. Using faulty or damaged batteries should be avoided at all cost. Damage can happen to the wrapping, exposing the metal of the battery through use. Batteries should always stay dry and out of hot locations. Lithium Ion batteries should also never come into contact with any metallic objects like loose change in a purse or the button studs on a pocket. For more information on battery safety please read our battery disclaimers. 

10. How long will a coil or pod last? 

There is not a set amount of time that any pod or coil will last. Things like the e-juice you are using and the settings on your device and how often you vape will affect the life of your coil or pod. Some coils may last a week where as some may last closer to a month. 

11. Are coils and pods universal? 


No. Most systems have specific coils that need to be used. This is due to the power of the device and size. If you use the incorrect coils, it may not fit. This can cause issues with leaking as well as damaging the tank itself. Unless specifically stated by the manufacturer, it is best to use the coils specifically made for the device in use. 

12. Are coils reusable? 

No, replacement coils are not reusable. This means once your coils is starting to loose flavor, burn or even leak out, it needs to be replaced. You can, however, change to a different flavor without changing coils. The original e-liquid may linger, but it is possible to swap out e-liquid. 

13. How can I clean my tank? 

First, disassemble to tank. The coil cannot be washed. However, you can remove the o-rings and glass section. Place the tank components into a bowl of warm water. If any dish soap is used, very little is necessary. Make sure you rinse the pieces thoroughly to avoid any soapy taste. A paper towel can be used to dry everything off. When you reassemble the tank, make sure everything is secure to avoid leaking. However, do not overtighten the pieces. This can cause the o-rings to snap or cause damage to the different pieces themselves. 


14. How do I store my E-Liquid? 


It is best to keep e-liquid in a dry, dark and cool area. When e-liquid, containing nicotine, is exposed to air, heat or sunlight the e-liquid can steep quickly. This means the e-liquid will become very dark. It will also change the way the nicotine seems to hit as well as the taste. 

15. What is steeping? What happens to the e-liquid when it is steeped? 

Steeping is a way of aging the e-liquid, and is normally done to achieve better flavor. It's done by letting the e-liquid sit in a cool and dark place. Steeping allows the ingredients (VG/PG base, flavorings and nicotine) to blend together. Some e-liquid may even contain trace amounts of alcohol, which will evaporate when it is steeped. E-Liquids will darken in color due to the process of oxidations when steeping.