BP Mods x LABS Labs Italiano 22mm MTL RTA


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BP Mods x LABS Labs Italiano 22mm MTL RTA

The BP MODS x LABS Labs MTL RTA is an Italian designed rebuildable tank atomizer with gravity feeding system and a unique interchangeable "bell" system. The Labs RTA is made in collaboration with Italian designers Luca, Alen, Bruce, and Stefano; for a fine tuned true MTL experience. The Labs RTA is constructed from stainless steel with a 2.7ml polycarbonate tank, and is 22mm in diameter.

The Build Deck:

The Labs build deck features a two terminal design with two large flathead capture screws. Positioned in the center of the terminals is an interchangeable airflow pin. Two large wicking channels are positioned perpendicular from the terminals, and directly below the feeding tubes, allowing ample wicking to the coil. The build deck section of the RTA connects to the tank like a top cap for an RDA, using two O-rings to secure it and an indexing tab to ensure proper alignment.

The Tank Section:

A multi-component tank section is used on the Labs RTA to integrate a number of key features that make this RTA a superior MTL flavor machine. At the top of the tank is a 1/4 turn cap with a 510 drip tip. The cap works in unison with a chimney uptake that also controls the juice flow. The cap can be turned less than 1/4 to adjust the juice flow; and when turned the full 1/4 to remove the cap, the juice flow will shut completely to prevent the flow while filling. At the bottom of the tank is an interchangeable "bell" section with two feeding tubes protruding down towards the deck. 

Special Features:

The Labs RTA has two points of airflow adjustability that allows it to deliver a MTL flavor experience unlike anything else. An included tool is used to change out both of these components with ease. The first component is the airflow pin, which comes in 0.8mm*2, 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.1mm, 1.2mm, and 1.5mm. The second component is the bell section; which comes in four different structures, each with their own airflow pathway design.

Product Includes:
  • 1 x Labs MTL RTA
  • 6 x Airflow Pins ( 0.8mm*2, 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.1mm, 1.2mm, and 1.5mm)
  • 4 x Flavoring Bells
  • 1 x Bell and Pin Tool
  • 1 x Pack of Spare Parts
  • 1 x BP Mods Single Coil (Ni70 26G 0.7ohm)
  • 1 x BP Mods Clapton Coil (A1 30G*2 + Ni80 40G 0.85ohm)
  • 1 x BP Mods Clapton Coil (A1 28G*2 + Ni80 40G 0.55ohm)

Check out the BP Mods x LABS Labs Italiano MTL RTA infographic to help you a better understanding how the product works!

BP Mods x LABS Labs Italiano MTL RTA Infographic