Ghost Bus Club TSNM Integrated Boro Tip

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Ghost Bus Club TSNM Integrated Boro Tip 

Ghost Bus Club has released a new and interesting integrated tip for those who are fans of the larger whistle or duck bill style tips. The TSNM is a beefy integrated tip for Boro devices. The TSNM breaks down into three pieces. The stainless steel flush nut base that will thread into any boro threaded device, featuring notch cut outs so you can easily tighten the base to your device. The satin finished rectangular base, which goes over the threaded base and is able to turn 360 degrees on an O-ring, allowing you to line your tip up to match your mod perfectly. Finally the main eye catcher is the Acrylic whistle tip mouth piece that pops into the base via O-ring. The look of this tip may not be for everyone or every mod, but we can guarantee you one thing, it sure is comfortable to vape with!

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Ghost Bus Club NTSU RBA Boro Bridge

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