5 Most Popular Disposable Flavors You Should Try this Summer

5 Most Popular Disposable Flavors You Should Try this Summer

Peter Malufau

We hope you were enjoying every moment of the summer sunshine right now. But we sure can level up your summer with a sleek, efficient and mouthwatering disposable vape! This summer, we want you to take a look at these exciting summer flavors which really going to cool you down!

 1. Lemon Mint by Elf Bar

 One of our customers most loved flavors from Elf Bar! Customers describe it as " tart lemon pie flavor with flesh mint", or "nice refreshing lemon mint ice tea".  It is a perfect dessert flavor in a hot summer day. 


2. Watermelon Ice by NKD 100 MAX

Watermelon Ice by NKD 100 Max Disposables is an incredible blend that offers the classic summer poolside drink taste of mouthwatering watermelons and bone-chilling menthol, giving you an experience that seems like a match made in heaven. 


3. Red Energy by SWFT MOD

What is better than a cold sweet soda in a hot summer day? This vape resembles the popular carbonated energy drink, which is sure to light up your senses with its energizing sweet flavors.


 4.  Aloe Grape by Lil' SLAP

 Lil' SLAP's signature Aloe Grape is a blend of jelly aloe vera and sweet crisp grape, with icy after tone.  Customers love this unique flavor so much that we can't keep it in stock!


5. Rainbow Skittle by Flum Float

Now you have had summer sodas, smoothies, and fruits, it is time for some sweet treats! This Rainbow Skittle by Flum Float is an incredible candy flavor we can ensure you won't be disappointed!  


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