Candy King Air 6000 Puffs TFN Disposable Vape - 13ML

Candy King

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Candy King Air 6000 Puffs Disposables - 13ml

The Candy King Air is a new disposable vape bar from beloved ejuice brand CANDY KING! It is filled with 13ml of 50mg salt nic e-liquid which equals to around 6000 puffs! The Candy King Air is a rechargeable disposable device that allows the user to enjoy a delicious vape with little to no maintenance, in a sleek and comfortable form.

    Candy King Air Flavors (all flavors are "ICED")

    • Strawberry Rolls: Your favorite sweet and sour flavored e-liquid.
    • Mint Fresh: Refreshing hard mint candy, flavored e-liquid.
    • Pink Squares: Your favorite pink chewy square, tropical fruit flavored e-liquid.
    • Peachy Rings: An out of this world spot on planet Peach flavored e-liquid.
    • Gush Fruits: A fruit medley gushing with fruity flavor, flavored e-liquid.
    • Bubblegum: A refreshing and juicy, strawberry, watermelon, flavored e-liquid.
    • Blue Razz Straws: A blue raspberry sour flavored e-liquid.
    • Swedish Gummy: An award winning Swedish berry candy fusion flavored e-liquid.
    • White Gummy: A juicy blend of pineapple, tropical fruit flavored e-liquid.
    • Sugar Batch: Your favorite sweet and sour flavored e-liquid.
    • Gummy Worms: Mixed fruit, sweet and tart, sour flavored e-liquid.
    • Rainbow Dweebz: Sweet and tart berry dweebz flavored e-liquid.
    • Hard Apple: Your favorite sweet and sour flavored e-liquid.

    Product Includes

    • One Single Candy King Air Disposable Device