Yami Vapor

  • Tobacco
Yami Vapor is a brand known for innovative and delicious vape juice flavors like Juusu, Taruto, and Icy Trio. Yami Vapor has created electronic cigarette flavors for all palates: from menthol infused, to creamy, to fruity. Yami Vapor has also created Chibi Bar, a granola based E Liquid line for both chocolate or fruit flavors. Regardless of your preference, Yami Vapor has an all day vape for you.


Yami Vapor is an e-liquid manufacturer who believed in creating unique flavor. Established in 2017 they created a now acclaimed flavor, Taruto; a unique egg tart flavor. Yami strived to expand more on exquisite flavors such as Butter Brew, Icy Trio, and Milkgat. After the release of Milkgat, Yami formed Chibi Bar, two excellent granola flavored eliquid in the form of Choconola and Fruitnola. The next installment of Yami Vapor was on the beginning of 2018, Juusu, a trifecta of delicious fruits that left the market in awe. Yami Vapor continued their success through 2018 by launching two even more so remarkable flavors, Shaka and Gorudo.