Sapphyre Nic Shot - Nicotine Additive

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Sapphyre Nic Shot - Nicotine Additive

Sapphyre Nic is a liquid nicotine additive for your vape juice. These convenient nic shot tubes can be used to increase a bottle of eJuice to the desired nicotine level. Sapphyre Nic offers four different additive strength and sizes, which are conveniently color coded. Each tube of nicotine additive contains regular free-base nicotine in PG.  

How to use Sapphyre Nic Shots:

  1. Use the chart below to select the appropriate additive level and quantities, according to your bottle size (first row on the chart), starting nic level (0mg, 3mg, 6mg), and desired nic level (first column on the chart).
  2. Open your bottle of vape juice and carefully remove the inner cap (tip) of the bottle. An additional 30ml or 60ml bottle may help make the process easier.
  3. Cut open the tip of the Sapphyre Nic Shot tube and add the appropriate amount to the bottle of vape juice.
  4. Replace inner cap (tip) and outer cap of the bottle. Shake vigorously until the entire bottle is mixed thoroughly.
  5. You're now ready to vape!

Pro Tip: Use a Coiland 3-in-1 Bottle Opening Tool to easily remove the inner cap of the vape juice bottle. This tool will make the task easy, and help avoid spilling when the cap pops off.

CAUTION: Avoid contact with the eyes, skin or clothing. Wash thoroughly with soap and water after handling and before eating or drinking.

    Sapphyre Nic Shot Chart | VaporDNA

    WARNING: Do not consume as is. Must be added to e-liquid only! Liquid nicotine may be poisonous if swallowed, inhaled, or if it comes in contact with skin. Store securely and keep pouch sealed. Keep out of reach of children and pets.