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You’re going to hear a lot of jargon thrown around when you’re running in vaping circles, and it’s tough to figure out what’s important for consumers and what’s highfalutin nonsense. So here’s some basic terminology and a few things to consider when deciding what tank you’re going to use.


What is a vape tank?

Vape tanks simplify things for vapers in more than a few ways. You’re not dripping your E juice into a coil every few hits like you would in a RDM tank because the tank holds enough liquid for dozens of hits.


What vape tank should I use?

Don’t be intimidated by all these tanks. They’re all going to hold your e-juice, and as long as you’re buying it from VaporDNA, it’s going to work like a charm. But you still have some things to think about before landing on the best tank for you.


What is a clearomizer?

Without a doubt, clearomizers are the most common vape tanks you’ll see out in public. The term simply comes from a combination of the words “clear” and “atomizer.” That means that the atomizer that’s held within the tank is inside a clear container. By combining the convenience of the cartomizer’s form factor and the easy customization of a clearomizer, these are a great way to get introduced to vaping.


What is a cartomizer?

A cartomizer tank is something that’s gotten more rare over the years as the customization and convenience of clearomizers have gained much bigger popularity. Cartomizers are what you’d normally associate with an e-cig, a device that is more directly trying to simulate the experience of a cigarette by connecting the vaporizer directly to the battery. These will resemble and hit a lot more like a cigarette would.


Sub ohm tanks

A sub ohm tank contains an atomizer that is providing less than one ohm of resistance. The higher the ohmage on your atomizer, the denser and (usually) hotter your hit is going to be. These are the most common vape tanks you’re going to find on the market as the industry has seen a higher demand for convenience in recent years.

Due to the ease-of-use, straightforward maintenance, and minimal sacrifice to the flavor and vapor quality. Coils are easily swapped in and out of these sub ohm tanks thanks to the standard 510 threading that nearly all of them feature. Nearly everything you’ll find in our store is a sub ohm tank.


Mesh coil tanks

Mesh coils are some of the newest advancements in vaporizing technology. By creating a thin metallic coil with small holes punctured throughout, e-juice is able to spread over a larger surface area on the wick without making the coil take up any more space. This means larger amounts of vapor per hit but not necessarily more heat or any compromise with flavor. These mesh coils are highly recommended if you’re looking for quality vapor output.


Other factors

So much of what you should be looking for in a tank depends on your particular needs. You’ll want to think about form factor, because if your mod is small then you might not want a giant tank on top of it. If you’re a heavy user then you’ll want to consider getting a larger tank so that you don’t have to refill so often. If you like to share your vape then maybe it’s a good idea to get something with airflow control so that people can take bigger/smaller hits as they want. In the end, it’s about the vape tank that works for you, and the selection at VaporDNA represents everything vaping has to offer.


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