Milli 6000 Puffs Premium Disposable Vape - 14ML


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Milli 6000 Puffs Premium Disposable Vape - 14ML

Milli 6000 Puffs Premium Disposable Vape is a rechargeable disposable with flavors made in the USA. Each Milli disposable features a built-in 850mAh, USB-C charging port, adjustable airflow control, and 14ml of 5% salt nicotine liquid inside. Milli's flavors are all made in the USA to bring a fresh new taste of delicious tastes catered to the American pallet. The Milli Disposable Vape is presented in a side by side configuration with a clear smoked housing, keeping it compact and lightweight. A slider airflow control is used to allow the user to adjust the draw to their liking, while a comfortable duck bill tip is paired with the draw activation feature for a comfortable hit.

Milli Disposable Flavors:

  • Apple Custard: Fresh red apples with a creamy custard base.
  • Blue Razz Ice: Blue raspberry slushee, just like you like it.
  • Blueberry Custard: Ripe blueberries topped over decadent custard.
  • Bold Tobacco (NEW): A slightly sweet American blend tobacco.
  • Frozen Grape: A sweet grape slushy flavor for all grape lovers.
  • Honeydew Custard: Creamy custard and honeydew swirled together for a melon experience unlike anything else.
  • Island Coconut: Refreshingly smooth creamy coconut straight from a tropical paradise.
  • Lemon Jasmine Tea: The refreshing taste of fresh squeezed lemon in aromatic Jasmine tea. Tight airflow brings out the Jasmine tea flavor, while the loose draw setting brings out more of the lemon.
  • Mixed Berry Ice: An icy cool mix of sweet and tart berries.
  • Mojito Lime: The perfect blend of mint mojito and lime juice.
  • Orange Blxst: Who loves orange soda? We love orange soda. We do, we do, we do-ooo.
  • Peach Ice: Juicy peach with an icy blast.
  • Pruity Febbles: A creamy bowl of ice cold milk and fruit cereal.
  • Strawberry Custard: The classic taste of fresh ripe strawberries on a bowl of cold creamy custard.
  • Super Cool Mint: A classic refreshing mint that is super cool.
  • Ultimate Strawberry: Straight from the farm; delicious ripe strawberries.
  • Watermelon Ice: A sweet ice cold watermelon slush.
Product Includes:
  • One Single Milli Disposable Device